Applying For Subdivision Approval: What To Expect

Subdivision allows you to divide up your land and create new lots or re-define the boundaries of your lots. You will need to provide proof that you meet specific requirements. There are documents and forms that you will need to fill out and submit. Succinctly put, the process is very involving, and engaging a land surveyor will help make everything a little less overwhelming.

You can only get started with the subdivision of your land after getting approval from your local authority. Here is a brief look at how to go about applying for subdivision approval

Who Can Apply

As the landowner, you can choose to apply for subdivision approval by yourself. Alternatively, you may decide to appoint an agent to act on your behalf. Such an agent should be an expert that is very conversant with the process and has some relevant experience in the industry. You can rest knowing that your interests are in the best of hands when you appoint a licensed and experienced land surveyor as your agent.

What To Do

The very first step in applying for subdivision approval is to fill out the relevant paperwork, that is, the subdivision application form. You or the agent acting on your behalf can obtain this form from your local council offices. Some councils have also made this form readily available for download on their website.

When filling out the form, it is vital to bear in mind that any details that you provide should be truthful and accurate. Providing false or otherwise inaccurate information may lead to outright denial of your application.

Some of the details that you can expect to fill out on the form include the following,

  • Name, contacts, and address of the applicant, that is, the landowner.
  •  Name, contacts, and address of the agent, if one is involved.
  •  A legal description of the land, covering the land's physical characteristics, a statement of the land's on-site water and sewer systems among other things.
  • A copy of the land's title deed.
  • A tentative plan for the proposed subdivision, which an expert land surveyor can help you draw up.

Failing to provide any of the required information will cause your application to be considered "incomplete," in which case, you hurt your chances of approval. You will also need to pay the required fees for subdivision application.

Getting your subdivision application approved is only a single step in a multi-step process. A land surveyor can help you through each stage, saving you time and money.