Why wood from the cedar tree is a good material for your exterior shutters

If you're looking to give your home an elegant and timeless feel, look no further than exterior shutters. Exterior shutters, especially those made of wood, add warmth and comfort to your home. They also protect your glass windows from damage and exposure to outside weather conditions.

When selecting a type of wood for your shutters, you need a material that matches the unique and elegant feel of your home. Softwoods provide a reddish, aromatic feel to your windows without making you break the bank. Hardwoods come in multiple textures and grain patterns that add value to your home after installation.

Why cedar?

If you're looking for the best of both worlds, consider installing exterior shutters made from cedar. Cedar exists as both softwood and hardwood. Cedar softwoods (such as the western red variety) are stylish, easy to work with and quite affordable. The Spanish cedar (a hardwood) is elegant, durable and truly unique.

Here's why you should consider wood from the cedar tree when installing exterior shutters.

1. Durability and strength

Hardwood from the Spanish cedar tree is known for its excellent durability. The material is tough and resilient against harsh weather conditions. Therefore, your shutters will remain firmly in place even when the sun or heavy rain beats down on them.

Durability is important for exterior shutters, as they're placed on the outside surface of your windows. You can also vary textures across the rails and frames of your louvres.

2. It is easily customisable

Softwood cedars from the western variety are soft and easy to work with. However, this doesn't mean that they compromise on durability. They can be crafted into multiple designs that match the shapes and sizes of your windows. Cedar softwoods also release unique aromas that add to the warmth and elegance of your home.

3. Resistance to rot

Exterior shutters are particularly susceptible to rot from fungi, moisture and other insects. Luckily, cedar woods (particularly the hardwoods) are resistant to rotting over the years. They can withstand attack from insects and pests without becoming damaged. And because exterior shutters contribute to kerb appeal, these properties keep your shutters looking clean and elegant.

4. Can be sourced from sustainable forests

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cedar woods is that they're sustainably sourced. They're typically grown in sustainable forests where moisture, sunlight and texture can be closely monitored. This gives you more control over the specific types of cedar you wish to use for your shutters.