Reasons to Pick Glass Balustrades Over Other Types of Railings

While a balustrade is a staircase, landings, and balcony safety requirement it doesn't always need to be an eyesore. Lately, glass balustrades have become increasingly popular because they offer numerous benefits over other forms of balustrading. This post will be sharing the key benefits of using glass balustrades.

Aesthetic appeal and design

One of the major benefits is a balustrade's capability to complement any home regardless of the style. This is because it comes in different designs. Glass is unobtrusive meaning it won't detract the balcony or stairwell design or the home décor. Other forms of balustrades have horizontal or vertical bars that often cast unattractive shadows across the space.

Glass balustrades actually come in different design options that will ensure you achieve the desired feel or look. You can choose to go for a frame or a frameless look. Other choices include infill and mini post, both of which offer remarkable appearances.

Durable and secure

Most people question the durability of glass, but it's more durable than you think. The material is usually toughed, meaning the panes have been treated to make sure they can sustain a bit of pressure. Due to this, the glass becomes highly resistant to shattering from the day to day bumps and knocks. So, your family and friends will be protected against falls as they move up and down the stairwell.  It also comes with some gaps between the panes which reduces the temptation to get the limbs stuck. What's more, glass is resistant to rust and termites — you can consider it over metal and wood balustrades.


Glass balustrades are clear so they will not obstruct your view. Other than helping you keep an eye on kids as they use the staircase, you'll feel more connected to different spaces in your home.  Because it's clear, glass allows ample light to pass through and penetrate other spaces. This is very beneficial if your balcony or staircase isn't placed against a window. The space becomes very dark whenever a solid barrier is used. Glass helps the space to be bright.

Easy to Clean

While cleaning glass may seem challenging at first, wiping a glass balustrade is easier compared to cleaning other alternative materials. It can be very difficult to clean stainless steel, wrought iron, wire or timber balusters once they start to show fingerprints or signs of dirt. Glass, on the other hand, only requires a streak-free cloth and some water.